Caves Kitchens and Built-in Cabinetry is on the path to becoming the best and brightest custom kitchen remodeler in the Finger Lakes, Rochester and Syracuse areas.

With 7 different cabinet lines available, our design personnel, and our service records, Caves Kitchens has a winning combination for practically every custom kitchen remodeling budget. We offer custom cabinet lines and countertop selections that easily compete with other dealers and big box stores. Plus, we are able to meet even your toughest cabinetry styles using our own line of Caves Millwork Custom Cabinetry. Our Caves Millwork Custom Cabinet line is fully hand-crafted right here at our showroom’s location. It is some of the most meticulous and detailed furniture like cabinetry available. The Hybrid Kitchen Solution is yet another way we are able to perfectly meet your project’s requirements. By combining pieces of our Caves Millwork Custom cabinetry line with our other cabinet lines, we can create the kitchen that you love at the price you feel most comfortable with.

If you are considering a custom kitchen remodel or possibly a built-in piece of cabinetry in your home, please visit our showroom. Our showroom is open daily, there is always someone available to talk to you. Or visit us at one of our monthly open houses.

Plus, online meetings are now available! The same as in-person meetings, from the comfort of your home. Give us a call to learn more!

Due to limited occupancy, please make sure to call and make an appointment before stopping to the Showroom.

Thank you! 585-478-4636

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Showroom Location:

1111 Stryker Rd Clifton Springs, NY 14432

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 Our regular showroom has reopened, but our outdoor "walk up window" is still available. The safety of every customer is top of mind so there will be limited occupancy. Please call ahead to make an appointment before stopping in! Thank you.

         Monday: 9AM-5:30PM 

         Tuesday: 9AM-5:30PM

         Wednesday: 9AM-5:30PM

         Thursday: 9AM-5:30PM 

         Friday: 9AM-5:30PM

         Saturday: 9AM-1PM

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